About Me


Since I was a child I have loved nothing more than bringing language to life, lending the marks on the page my own humanity and breathing them into life as I read, wrote or performed.  At first it offered me a way to fill the hole in my heart that I was born with but then the thrill of communicating the meaning inside the language to others became a passion.  As I recovered from my childhood illness I took every opportunity I could to perform, to read and to write.

When I grew up I tried to carry this passion into my work as a lawyer and an accountant, building a career as a Compliance Officer in an Investment Bank. But there was always a small voice inside calling me back to the page and the stage, a voice I ignored for a while.  And then my children were born.  Watching their eager engagement with the world and never wanting that to fade I found that voice inside me growing louder and more insistent.  I knew they would look to me to show them how to live and the best way to teach them would be to live fully myself.  The time had come to change my life and become the kind of adult I wanted them to grow into; wholehearted and courageous enough to follow where her passion led.

For them I want all the magic the world can offer.  I want love to be at the centre of their lives and I want them to be brave enough to follow where their hearts lead them.  And so I have returned once more to my childhood passions of reading, writing and performing, striving each day to bring life to language and language into life.