About Me


Welcome to my site.  I am an actor, writer and voice artist.  As an actor I have had the great fortune to play Polonius in a cave and a castle,  a surprising spirit in a museum, a selection of professional women on the edge of a nervous breakdown and a newsreader.  Recently I have provided a voice for Edith Cavell and her nurse Millicent in Radio 4’s documentary, “Secrets and Spies:  The Untold Story of Edith Cavell” and have won a bottle of champagne for an impromptu performance as Joanna Lumley!

In voice work I also draw on my many years as a legal and compliance professional in the City in order to bring technical texts to life for busy professionals fitting in their training “on the go”.  I have also found my obsession with medical dramas has been very useful in my recent work with PreScript on their heart failure training for global pharmaceutical professionals.

In my writing I search for inspiration in everything I do and hope to inspire myself and others whether through a little bit of daily stardust, longer blog entries about my struggle to be all that I hoped I could be or my fiction writing.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  In everything I do I hope to inspire and be inspired.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.